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What are the common factors that affect performance?

There are many things that can impair the performance of WordPress if not set up or used correctly.

Overuse of plugins

Plugins are an amazing capability of WordPress, but not used judiciously, they can become a burden to the website.

Use of poorly written plugins or custom code

It is extremely common that lower quality off-the-shelf plugins are not optimised for a performance environment.

Lack of, or under use of, performance caching

Caching is a critical aspect of any website solution. There are multiple layers from web server, database, and WordPress caching that can be tuned.

Unoptimised web server configuration

It is extremely common to used shared hosting space to save money, but these solutions often come with significant performance limitations.


How can we help you?

Page Speed Optimisation

Performance Profiling and Code Refactoring

Legacy Plugin Audits

Security Auditing & Hardening

Infrastructure Mapping

Server Migration

Our Methodology

How would we start the process of optimising your WordPress website?

Get a copy of your website

It’s difficult to run an assessment on your existing hosting environment. Reviewing your code on our systems will instantly see if your server infrastructure is the problem or not.

Run profiling tools over your WordPress code

Our technical audit will interrogate what aspects of the systems are running poorly, or are running too many database queries.

Collate our findings into a report with actionable steps

Our assessment will land on whether the server environment or the code needs fixing. Further there will likely be independent actions that can be taken that can improve performance.

Action: Coding improvements or server migration?

Each of our recommendations will have an effort to benefit consideration. We will explain what in our opinion is commercially practical steps to make.


Saving Surf Life Saving Lotteries

The Problem
Surf Life Saving couldn’t take their slow infrastructure anymore. The slow speed was impeding the normal user experience.

Our Solution

  • Server migration
  • Improved page caching systems
  • Instant 15% increase in conversion rate

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