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A digital transformation to improve customer experience & communication

  • What was the brief?

    The QCOSS Community Door site was aesthetically outdated, difficult to navigate and failed to clearly communicate to its users.

    As a support and resourcing platform for social services, it was crucial that users could find what they need online to support their local communitites.  

  • What did we do?

    We transitioned Community Door to a WordPress modular layout to condense the information – creating simple structures that are easy to digest.

    User navigation was streamlined through a clear main menu and advanced search functionality. 

    The design reflects the Community Door brand as its own identity whilst balancing elements of the QCOSS family brand. 

  • What did we achieve?

    QCOSS saw a decrease in bounce rate from 65% to 0.6%. With a site that users could understand and easily navigate, the site also had a 29% increase in page views per session.

    Not only were users clearly benefiting from the transformation, but the team were thrilled to have their new site delivered ahead of schedule. 



A digital transformation that boosted support in our communities social services.


Key activities

The Source of Truth

From the get-go we engaged in an in-depth scoping process with the Community Door team. Our Master Plan & 2 hour client workshop ensured we understood digital problems and delivered a targeted, well-considered solution. 

Enhanced Collaboration

Our primary designer and developer had hands on involvement with the Community Door team, creating a deeper appreciation for the brand and their requirements.

Main menu

The crux of this project was the information architecture and optimising communication online. We pulled out the key offerings into a main menu with short descriptions on each to facilitate user understanding.  

  1. Resources
  2. Services
  3. E-training

Other menu items with less importance were pushed up into a secondary menu. This looks to clearly prioritise actionable items when users first land on the site. 

We also created inner-page side menus to assist with cross-pollination of similar content. This looked to encourage higher page views per user.

With information communicated clearly, there was a significant decrease in bounce rate from 65% to 0.6% and 29% increase in page views.

Modular structure

The Community Door team had 1600 pages to condense for their content migration. From the get-go it was imperative that content was consolidated to streamline the communication of information. 

Our modular layout encourages the team to be conscious of condensing copy with clear CTAs for further action.

There are three types of online users – those who rely on the main menu; those who rely on further reading and CTAs below the fold; and those who rely on the search. 

Many users may have an understanding of what they’re after and are comfortable using search terms to find this. They’re no-BS users who want their information fast. 

Our search is categorised via service area, resource, news articles and general page content. With a hierarchical structure, users are presented with in-depth search results that are optimised to match your terms.

The site previously sat on Drupal CMS which caused headaches in content management updates. 

Our WordPress CMS solution provides a simple interface for backend management. This gives the Marketing Team the capability to action changes themselves rather than being reliant on the IT department for non-technical changes.

Finally a rebrand of the Community Door logo had been supplied to Lamb and was to be incorporated in the rebuild. 

As the company was within the human services sector, we wanted to produce a design solution that was human, personable and approachable yet informative. 

The new website more accurately positions Community Door as a leader and reliable information source within the social services industry.

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