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Lamb Agency needed to frame GIC Insights as a globally significant event

  • What was the brief?

    Lite n’ Easy the original and established name in home delivered meals was falling behind it’s competitors online. It’s website was clunky and represented the product poorly.

    Lamb Agency was engaged to help overcome internal inertia and to deliver a digital transformation to get Lite n’ Easy back in the digital game.

  • What did we do?

    Complex customer ordering workflow – Design and redevelopment of the ordering workflow, with significant technical impediments.

    Digital brand overhaul – Lamb was responsible for breathing life back into the Lite n’ Easy brand. But also to help reflect some of the changes that had happened with the brand to include a convenience offering in addition to weight loss.

    Usability optimisation – Lite n’ Easy’s customer base needed a simplified and streamlined website for new customers to find out about the product offering.

  • What did we achieve?

    As a result of our digital transformation, we were able to dramatically lift the performance of online ordering – factoring in the millions.

    Improvement in digital marketing search visibility, and advertising spend as a result of a stronger converting platform.


The global benchmark


Key activities

Discovery and research engagement

As part of the digital transformation we perform an indepth industry research project to identify current practice and international best practice that could be used as inspiration for the new website and ordering system.

Our results were collected in up a 50 page report that was presented to the senior marketing officers at the company.


We mapped out a complete set of wireframes for the ordering of a delivery from Lite n’ Easy. This provided us a space to creatively review our approach before diving in too deep.

  • All ordering variants
  • Mobile to desktop mockups

Digital brand creation

Prior to engagement with Lamb Agency, Lite n’ Easy had no defined digital brand style. We worked with the brand manager to lay out a suite of digital assets and styles that would lay the branding foundation online.

World leaders are time poor

We built the site.

Subtle flourishings
There are a range of subtle, but impressive, little touches that we have placed on the website.

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