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Shopify Plus development, conversion optimisation, usability reviews.
Systems integration, website applications, cross-platform mobile applications.
Competitor analysis, digital technology opportunities, customer needs analysis.

Queensland Farmers Federation

The Queensland Farmers Federation needed a website that reflected the sophistication of their representative position, and to make clear what their activities they were undertaking on behalf of their constituency.
Lamb were able to take our ideas and vision to develop a fresh digital presence that allows us to better communicate and engage with members and stakeholders.
Mark Neville, Communications Manager

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preparing your brief for lamb

Start your engagement with Lamb with the information that will help us most.

Here are a few really important questions which help us when starting a conversation with you.
  • What are your objectives?

    Start with the basics. How does (or should) the website contribute to your business? How is the website going to align with what direction is going?

    This could be anything from:

    • Generating leads
    • Automating activities
    • Reinforcing your brand or leadership position in the industry
    • Driving sales
    • Providing customer service
  • Who are your key competitors?

    Helping us understand your competitive environment is critical in gauging the solution you will need for your industry. We will work with you to understand where you currently sit against your competitive peers, what good practice already exists in the industry and what innovations we could bring.

  • What are some websites you like the look of?

    We can always take the lead when it comes to the design on your website. But ultimately it needs to be one that matches the style and taste of the organisation. Providing us with a handful of reference sites also helps us gauge your expected benchmark for the solution in terms of aesthetic advancement, interactivity, depth of the site content.

Good vs Great

What is the difference between a good website and a great website?

brand trust.

When making any kind of purchasing decision, looks matter. No one wants to buy a car from a dilapidated car dealer. People make a judgement about the perceived credibility and quality of businesses based on how they present themselves.

We aim to help aspiring industry leaders to effectively communicate their brand identity and instil consumer confidence through their digital presence.

Increased engagement.

It has been commonly reported that your website has less than 10 seconds to make an impression to its visitors. More recent research has indicated that this figure may actually be lower as internet users have become more sophisticated.

This is a natural response to the high availability of information online.

To be productive, online users must make snap judgements about the quality and relevance of the website they are looking for. If not, then they go onto the next Google search result.

conversion rate.

Users can be terribly fickle when it comes to engaging with your website. It's because your competition is ultimately only a Google search away. A considered information architecture with a clear user experience will keep users engaged and on track to convert.

Lamb Agency is a leader in the Brisbane market on creating highly user-friendly websites and digital interfaces. It's the reason we work with companies like Virgin Australia, National Storage, Terry White Chemmart and many more.

Everyone has a digital horror story.
Avoid a digital disaster and choose Lamb.

We see projects through.

In over 3 years Lamb Agency has never failed to deliver on a project. We've always seen things through, through the good and the bad.

We have a well defined process.

Our process creates order and keeps projects predictable. We have a dedicated team that will keep you well informed every step of the way.

We will work with you to see how we can best keep the project on track.

We focus on key objectives.

Your website exists to serve the business and its commercial objectives. We are very careful to make sure the work we do aligns with the direction of your business and its objectives.

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