Gaining insights in your customers and competitors
is key to driving digital strategy.

Analytics review.

There is a wealth of insight that can be gathered from reviewing your analytics from underperforming web pages to problems with your mobile experience. You can drive a program of data-driven performance improvement

Understanding customer intent.

The website should balance your customers intent alongside with the important notes that you would like to hit for visitors to your website. There is an opportunity to align marketing messages and valuable calls to action alongside your customer's natural website path.

Planning the change process.

Lamb commonly engages organisations to deliver a program of continual website adjustments to improve conversion performance. The key is to identify and prioritise work based on the expected impact and have the tracking framework in place to measure the improvement over time.
Project examples

Some examples of user experience consulting we have done.

Mobile is an ever increasing share of the ecommerce market.
Virgin Australia

Interface design

We have frequently engaged by Virgin Australia to develop interfaces for a range of platforms including mobile applications, and websites.
City beach

Website audit

City Beach wanted an external expert to review the state of their current systems to understand the income lost as a result of a poor performing website.
Queensland Treasury Corporation

Usability review

The new management of QTC wished to look at how education services could be better connected to the primary site and explained.

Conversion optimisation

Lamb Agency has an ongoing relationship with iSelect to improve conversion optimisation of key landing pages for insurance and finance products.

How much money are you losing through a poor mobile experience?

Mobile is an ever-increasing share of the eCommerce market.
What is your mobile conversion rate? If it’s under 1%. This could be costing you a lot of money.

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We see projects through.

In over 3 years Lamb Agency has never failed to deliver on a project. We've always seen things through, through the good and the bad.

We have a well defined process.

Our process creates order and keeps projects predictable. We have a dedicated team that will keep you well informed every step of the way.

We will work with you to see how we can best keep the project on track.

We focus on key objectives.

Your website exists to serve the business and its commercial objectives. We are very careful to make sure the work we do aligns with the direction of your business and its objectives.

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