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What clients have we worked with?

We have worked with merchants across Australia to lift their eCommerce to the next level.


Being quirky with Lonely Kids Club

Lonely Kids Club specialises in highly quirky and fun fashion that maintains a cult following.

Creating a stylish front for The Dairy

We have worked to help grow the The Dairy for over 5 years.

Elevating Frankie 4

Frankie 4 is the industry leader for women's podiatry shoes. They wanted a website to highlight the quality of their product.

Project recovery and turn around with The Hat Club

The Hat Club is a retail chain based in the US, Lamb Agency was brought in to recover the project and update the aesthetic.

Cute little website for Little Treads

Little Treads is a little startup that wanted a fun exciting shopping experience.

Breaking an industry with Comics Direct

Comics Etc wanted to partner with Lamb Agency to create a new model for the purchase of comics in Australia.

Mega flash sales with Warehouse Furniture Clearance

WFC have been disrupting the furniture business with their smart 'flash sale' model that offers periodic sales with deep discounts.

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