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Re-platforming to Shopify

  • What was the brief?

    Rhythm Livin was struggling with their Big Commerce website and dated inventory system. The system were not flexible to their business needs. This resulted in a range of issues affecting the reputation and consumption of the brand.

  • What did we do?

    We focused our efforts on identifying a suite of solutions that would fit their business needs, this included the selection of Shopify as their eCommerce solution as well as Cin7 as their inventory system and StarShipIT for fulfilment.

    Beyond the technical requirements, Rhythm is a lifestyle brand – so crafting an online experience that was compelling was a critical success factor. We used the project as an opportunity to present the true brand story to their end consumers.

  • What did we achieve?

    We created a high quality eCommerce solution that reflected a sophisticated online player in a competitive consumer market. We recreated the brand through high quality imagery, gorgeous look books, and brand ambassadors.

    We resolved integration issues with the fulfilment (with 2PL fulfilment), and integrated with their back-end systems.


A cool surf brand eCommerce experience

From the day of our new site was launched, the site has performed beyond expectations!
Marc Llewellyn, Marketing Manager

Key activities

Creating a high quality digital brand

Rhythm wanted an experience that was split between their male and female lines. We focused our effort on how to best achieve this within Shopify.

Moving to best practice structures

The great opportunity with Rhythm was to embrace good practice structures for eCommerce. We implemented this through improvements to the shopping cart, product and category page as well as header and navigation improvements.

Gender Site SelectorGender Page Structure

US, Australia, Europe

Rhythm sells to distributors across the globe. We needed to create a facilitate for location awareness.

This involved region detection and localisation to the appropriate currencies.

Shopify development

Rhythm is development and hosted on Shopify.

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