Migrating Magento to Shopify

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Lamb Agency was a former developer of Magento solutions. During that time we became more than aware of the many pain points when dealing with a Magento eCommerce store. From a development perspective we have dealt with performance issues, server maintenance, server stability and hosting costs. All these problems are costs that need to be on charged to the customer.

These days we focus on Shopify as our preferred platform for eCommerce?

Why? Because it just works. Shopify is more about marketing, and less about development and frameworks.

Migration client stories

Case study 1
Expensive hosting fees

A fashion client of ours was paying $1,400 a month in hosting for server demands that were not very high. They were turning over a little over $1m in yearly review. They had gone through a range of hosting providers to find one that was good. However, $1,400 was still a lot of money to be paying for hosting, and the cost of development meant a reduced ability to experiment and improve the platform over time.
Case study 2
High development and maintenance costs

Another sporting liftstyle client required a full-time Magento developer that was needed to keep the website running and provide ongoing development support. They switched to Shopify and was able to use Lamb Agency to maintain the website at 1/4 of the cost they were paying their developer.

Migration Checklist

  1. Review the current functionality of the website: Is there anything that is custom that is not a standard.
  2. Do you have any other data that you need to migrate? Do you have product review?
  3. How will it look? Do you want to keep the look of your existing website? Or do you want something new? The migration could be a good opportunity to refresh your website in the process.
  4. What pricing plan will you need? Is Shopify Plus a consideration? https://www.shopify.com.au/pricing
  5. How will you be managing shipping costs?
  6. Do you need to integrate your website with a back-end inventory system?

Once you have the answers to these questions. You are in a good place to start on a migration project to Shopify.

Shopify Offer

Shopify is currently offering 6 months free Shopify Plus hosting for clients wanting to migrate from Magento to Shopify.

The package includes

  • Free hosting for 6 months
  • Migration of customers, products and orders
  • A dedicated launch manager to see you though the project.

Check out the Shopify Plus page to get more details about the Magento offer.


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