What makes Lamb Agency
different to other agencies?

Quality, not deadline oriented

Pressure makes diamonds, but also crushes souls. The best work is done with the time and space to make it happen.

We work 8 hour days, no more

Working beyond 8 hours a day results in diminishing returns and eventual burnout. It just makes sense. Work is not life.

Drama-free work environment

The work we do is the challenge, not the people and environment.

What is great about Lamb Agency?

Work / life balance

Work shouldn't be your life. "Work hard, play hard" is a scam, a cheap way of justifying poor work practices.

Mastery oriented workplace

Everyone at Lamb strives to improve their capability and craft.

Great office

Our office oversees Eagle St Pier, with sweeping views of the Story Bridge and Brisbane River.

We are looking high quality candidates who are

Passionate about technology and learning

Creativity plus drive is what drives a continued improvement to your capability. Passion is the drive that will push you upward.

Notice the details, get them right

Our clients expect the highest quality, so we have to deliver. We create work that work that we are proud to show off.

Believe "good enough" is not Good Enough.

We want something that can hold themselves (and those around them) to a high standard. Quality is the output of a team, not an individual.

Are you a web developer? Or a great designer?

We post our advertisements on seek when specific roles come up.