Application development is complicated, our strong experience will help you the result you need.

Functional Specification

You wouldn't want to construct a building and forget to include bathrooms. Minor details are important to get right. The creation of a functional specification ensures we have a complete view of the project before we start.

Application Design

Our designers will weave their magic creating the interface for your application, whether is it a mobile or desktop application. We consider user stories factoring in task priority and sequencing, interactive behaviours that are the perfect blend of usability with aesthetic.

Software Development

We implement software engineering best practice to tackle the breakdown and development of the project. Our practice enables us to have a very granular view of development progress so there are no surprises and enough time is allocated to perform a thorough quality assurance process.

Some examples of application development we have done.


Systems Integration

Lamb Agency manages a suite of digital assets that integrate together and through to a centralised site management inventory system. This includes the intranet, call-centre, corporate, online booking system, and more.
Virgin Australia

Mobile Development

Virgin Australia needed a highly usable mobile application that needed to integrate with authentication and physical systems.
Wallace Bishop

Mobile Development

Lamb worked with Wallace Bishop to conceive and develop a Tinder Style Engagement Ring application selection application. It was critical for the interface to be as streamlined as possible to use.

Application processing system

Lamb worked with Payment Advantage to build a multi-faceted application (mobile application, marketing website, back-end website) to capture and process new finance applications.

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