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In this article:
  • The potential for AI
  • What has happened with AI
  • Interesting observations with AI
  • Who are the Big Players?
  • What tools are using AI?
Long ago, in the early days of the internet. The pinnacle of personalisation for a website, was to find some reason to ask the customer their name, and to then place that person’s name at the top of the website in the website header welcoming the user to the website.This is laughably simple, and of no great value to anyone. Thankfully this practice quickly faded from common practice.

How do we build connection?

People like to anthropomorphise things around them. They will like a car, shoes, a house, a chair based on a range of different factors from the way things looks, to their physical interactions with the object. People may hate a chair because they may have stubbed their toe a few times.This is no different to a company or a brand.When it comes to your digital platforms, that make up a part of “you” or your company. If you website is “stubbing” your customers toes when they are trying to do something – that’s going to have an overall impact on the perception of your brand.I would like to talk about  four general strategies with reference examples of how this is done.
  • Personalisation
  • Value alignment
  • Convenience
  • Engagement
  • Aesthetic
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