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Creating a premium eCommerce experience

  • What was the brief?

    Frankie4 is a premium women’s fashion shoe that look great but have also been crafted by Physiotherapists and Podiatrists. It was important for the website to explain that their product is more than just a shoe.

  • What did we do?

    We focused on developing the online identity of Frankie 4, and how we could best present the Frankie 4 difference.

    We built the website, and integrated their back end system with Cin 7.

  • What did we achieve?

    Frankie4 saw an instant jump in online sales that overwhelmed their fulfilment services.

    The new platform has been a spectacular success for the business.


A premium aesthetic to match a premium product.


Key activities

Complete mapping of eCommerce needs

Lamb spent several sessions auditing the existing eCommerce capabilities of Frankie4 to ensure everything that was working was carried over. There were a range of custom requirements that were critical to include in the final solution.

Biggest brand-bang on a fixed budget

After our advice to stick with the existing system was accepted and  instead redirecting the funds to improving the overall look and functionality of the site. Our key requirement was to focus on what we could do to get the new brand integrated into the site.

Cin7 Integration

Lamb integrated the Frankie4 website with Cin 7. The Cloud-Based Inventory Management System For Growing Multichannel Businesses.

Shopify Plus

Frankie 4 is built on Shopify Plus. Which allows greater functionality and customisation.

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