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Gaining insights in your customers and competitors is key to driving digital strategy.

Performing a capability audit.

Auditing your current digital capability is key to looking at what corrective action, assets, or resources will be required to meet your business objectives.

Researching your customer and competitors.

Gaining an objective measure of where you sit against your competitor provides insight into current good practice, your industries current digital maturity and direction. This will influence strategies for a response and means of driving competitive advantage.

Building a roadmap.

Digital is not something that you can set and forget, it needs to be worked on over time. There will likely be an immediate project to complete, but there should planned activities to review and continually improve practice.

Some examples of digital
strategy work we’ve done.

For all projects we include a strategy component, but we are also engaged for our understanding of Digital Strategy.

Product development

The White Pages is an interesting position given its legacy product. But we are working with the company to explore what the White Pages looks like in the digital age.
wallace bishop

Digital Opportunity

Wallace Bishop were looking for a new idea for an interactive digital engagement. We recommended the creation of a product selection tool that would collect granular product preferences, and enable demand prediction.
fedelta pos

Digital overhaul

Fedelta POS worked in an industry that was being disrupted by mobile devices. We worked within them to completely revitalise their digital assets and set the foundation for their new mobile platform.
Safe Food Queensland


Safe Food Queensland has a number of audit staff that need to perform onsite checks year round, run manually. We worked with them to create a concept for a booking and tracking system.
Your competition

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Choosing a Digital Agency in Brisbane

There are endless digital agencies in Brisbane, but how do you choose a good one?

 Ask these questions
  • Who have they worked with?

    Does the agency engage with credible companies? Is the work they have completed meaningful and recent? Many agencies will add a logo to their client portfolio for a minor engagement performed many years ago.

    Lamb Agency has worked with some of Australia’s largest companies and proudly engages with industry leaders.

  • What do their customers say about them?

    It is one thing to produce good looking work, but how they got there is another thing entirely. Key points you want to consider are whether the agency plays hardball or is a pushover. An agency that is too pliable can be a bigger problem than one that is not, as they can overpromise and underdeliver.

    Lamb Agency was created to stand apart from traditional agency practices. We were tired of the short-sighted client management and client-politics. We consider ourselves to be an anti-agency. We’re proud to engage in work that is collaborative, focused on value generation and based on agreed-upon business objectives.

  • Are they connected in the industry?

    An organisation’s history and connectivity within the industry they represent is a key factor. The more connected they are, the more likely they will continue to be an agency tomorrow.

    Lamb Agency is a long time supporter of the digital, marketing, and advertising industries. We have been key contributors to the Brisbane Advertising Association and Interactive Minds for over two years. Both organisations are pivotal to the connectivity and continued maturity of the digital and advertising industries.

  • Will they support you after the initial engagement?

    The real test of the success of a project is what happens after the project is launched.

    Working on your digital platforms isn’t something that happens once every 3 years. It should be a continual process. By its nature digital is fast moving. To stay on top of everything you need someone who can be there to make sure you are keeping on top of current practice and taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

    Your company may not have an internal team to look after you, but you can tap into the breadth of capabilities available within Lamb Agency. From performance optimisation to digital strategy within Lamb Agency to help you get the most out of digital.

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